Dienstag, 1. Februar 2011

Menu for Groups 2011

Potato soup with bacon 3.50 ***

Fish soup - our big fish pot with fish of the region with vegetables, herbs and bread € 7.00 ***

Fitness salad, chicken breast on crisp mixed salad, garnished with fresh fruit, served with baguette € 9.90 ***

Crunchy herring fillets, with a light cream sauce with apples, onions and crispy fried potatoes € 8.50 ***

Fried fish fillet, breaded with chopped almonds, on the finest baked potatoes, salad € 8.50 ***

Roast cod fillet on mashed potatoes with dill sauce € 10.50 ***

Roast pork "Vienna style " with vegetables and roasted potatoes € 10.50 ***

Regional rib roast with apples and onions braised, red cabbage, steamed potatoes *** € 10.50

If you choose for your group of 3 main dishes, the price / main course is max. 9,00 €.
Tour guides and bus drivers get a meal and a drink for free.

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